Sabrina Moser was selected to the ISA-CASINOS Girl 2001

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) To the new ISA-CASINOS Girl for the year 2001 was selected Sabrina Moser (D) with large distance. The second place achieved Aleksandra Pietranek (D) followed by the third- placed Sandra Woerz from Austria.

22.000 users from the whole world, participated in the internet selection of the ISA-CASINOS Girls 2001.

The surprise was perfect, 25 beautiful ladies applied around the title of the ISA-CASINOS Girl 2001 and Sabrina Moser from Germany became the ISA-CASINOS Girl 2001 with large majority. The second place achieved Aleksandra Pietranek followed by the Austrian Sandra Woerz who achieved the third place.

Sabrina Moser struck all competitor from the way, also those, who could show some international beauty titles, although she was the youngest in the entire field.
She was born on 03.10.1985 in Berne (Switzerland) and lives in Germany since 1991. Her current place of residence „Walluf“ is situated in the Land of the Federal Republic Hessen in the proximity Wiesbaden. At present she attends the Gutenberg-secondary school.
Her dream and occupational aspiration is it, to become a teacher for dancing. She already received some honors with her recent years in this discipline. ISA-CASINOS who had congratulated the new ISA-CASINOS Girl 2001 to her great success, told she:

„In my spare time I love it to go dancing. I attach very much importance to fashionable clothes and got therefore very gladly shopping. I drive gladly Inliner and ice skate, go swimming and meet with friends also on parties and in the discotheque. It is always beautiful to meet new humans. I would say, I´m contact joyful, lively, humorously and kindly. That I was selected to the ISA-CASINOS Girl 2001 makes me lucky, I had actually only taken part in it for fun.“

The ISA Casinos thanks all girls/ladies who took part in the selection and also all users who daily gave their voice.

ISA-CASINOS congratulates the winner Sabrina Moser and appoints her officially to the ISA-CASINOS Girl 2001. We will hear in the course of the year still more of her and will require her far good success.