Review of the year 2001 of the ISA-CASINOS

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) 34 casinos from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland and France became partners of the ISA-CASINOS. Many innovations were introduced in the year 2001 on the pages of the ISA-CASINOS which became meanwhile a platform for many users, casino guests and casinos.

Thus the daily newsletter dispatch with own reports of events and attractions was further developed. 5 reporters report especially for the ISA-CASINOS and provide for the fact that authentiv reports are published and thus can be dispatched to over 2000 subscribers. An additional created news service for the English area carries already fruits. Here over 980 subscribers were registered up to now. These daily information are extended by the publication from newspaper articles from over 80 daily papers, as well as the press releases of our casino partners.

22000 users took part in our ISA-CASINOS Girl campaign and voted for the attractive ladies. The winner will be published in the next days. Our free gain plays under our column casino gain games and online games speak clearly for themselves. By the introduction of the daily casino gain games, in which all our casino partners participated, the ISA-CASINOS enabled over 800 persons a free entrance into a casino. The e-mails, that we received after such first casino attendances, showed us that there exists a large requirement to make customers attentice on the casinos. The free online games, which are organized by the ISA-CASINOS, enjoy great popularity. Our sponsors – the casinos partners, the Guenther publishing house and the Novomativ group – enabled many special prices and the monthly drawing by lots Las Vegas trip, in wich regularly over 3000 players participated. The Casinos Austria which created a gain play particularly for the Poker EM, was surprised by the large resonance – already on the first day all gains were cleared by the ISA-CASINOS users. Also the Novomatic group placed successfully its Beetlemania gain play. Here participated within a month over 1000 users.

In February the ISA-CASINOS opened its own chatrooms. Until today these were visited by over 50.000 users. Meanwhile there is a regular community, which meets here, in order to have fun and discuss. In our pannel discussions are over 1000 discussion contributions about casinos, Roulette, Poker, Black Jack and cash games duscussed. This shows, that here is a market, that has to be further promoted. Where else can guests and casinos visitors discuss so publicly all topics together? The combination chat and forums complete themselves thereby outstanding.

The service, a free e-mail address, with the name the user wants, of the ISA-CASINOS (for example: is actively used an provides hereby for the further spreading of the name of out page. The monthly ISA-CASINOS poll, where everyone can vote on the monthly topic, is greatly in demand. Our ISA-CASINOS Casino calendar provided with all users for large attention. Now it was possible to look with just one mouse-click at the daily events of all our casino partners and to receive a daily , monthly and complete outline for the whole year. They could recall everything about Baccara, Poker, Roulette, Black Jack or other events. This relieved many visitors to find current supplies of the casinos. The service is used actively each day. Already for the year 2002 the first entries are contained until December. By the simple and fast operating of this program it enjoys great popularity.

All in all the service for our customers was removed systematically and directly within all areas of the casino landscape. All rules, outlines of all casinos world-wide can be recalled with the ISA-CASINOS. From over 150 countries you can asked for all information about over 17.000 casinos world-wide. Thus the ISA-CASINOS became one of the largest data bases for the casinos of the world. Technical terms in our dictionary, tournament calendar and portraits of players, magazines and plublishing houses, attractions ans sponsoring of the ISA-CASINOS and their partners made the company what it is today – partners of the casinos and visitors.
Over 80.00 DM at special prices and cash was sponsored by the Guenther publishing (sponsoring 50.000,–) house Buxtehude, ISA-CASINOS and the casinos – among other things the Baccara world championship in the Casino Seefeld (Austria), with which the ISA-CASINOS with the Guenther publishing house appeared as the main sponsor. The Pokerworld ISA Cup provided for attention in the pokerscene up to America. For the year 2002 there are sponsor contracts for over 50 journeys to Las Vegas, to the caribic, as well as city trips, weekend journeys and vacation trips to Los Angeles and New York.

The visitors of our pages speak a clear language since they are in two languages. Over 40 countries use the information service of the ISA-CASINOS with over 400.000 hits per month. 12.000 visitors per month show, that there exists a large demand from players world-wide. Co-operation partners like the magazine Poker Europe and the Black Jack communitiy EBPA, under the line of the brothers Grun, rounded off the image between internet and print media. In the Black Jack area is the ISA-CASINOS in co-operation with the EBPA since 2 years the main sponsor of the German and city championships.
For the year 2002 we will open further service sectors.
Planned are:

  • world-wide gaming tours for the casino visitors to the casinos, which are our partners
  • public relations in media and magazines
  • expansion of the newsletter in other languages
  • co-operation with enterprises from the free economy and casinos within the area internet and sponsoring
  • additional development of the report by more reports in the entire game area and representation of the casinos

In the sponsoring area there are already contracts for the 2. Pokerworld Cup, the 4. ISA Cup in Wiesbaden and a Poker tournament for casino employee in the Pokerworld in Vienna (March 2002). Further activities are still in planning and in time admit given. An intensified co-operation with the Novomatic group in Austria is a further aim of the ISA-CASINOS. In January th ISA-CASINOS will be on the Londoner fair and will report about it in detail. Because of the further growth of the ISA-CASINOS.

We thank all coworkers and partners for the successful co-operation and are pleased on a new successful year 2002. Already now we notice, that further partners have interest to operate with us together. This is encouraged by inquiries from the in and foreign country. Together we are strong and can offer to our visitors, what they want: Information, fun and maintenance.

The internet market is the future, at which none can past and which will only show efect in a large partnership organization.