Markus Neuhöffer wins the 5th Hohensyburger Poker Championship

Last week from 24. – 28.20.2001 the 5th Poker Championship near Dortmund took place.

From the structure it were interesting tournaments and the prize moneys were an additional incentive. Above all there were additional attractive prices of ca. 30.000,- DM (115.338,76 EUR). This mixture was very lucrative for the traveled players.

It was remarkable and worth mentioning, that no entry fee was required and nevertheless the players and their companions received free beverages and an Italian buffet. Despite of all strain a very pleasant atmosphere prevailed. I (Gunther Schmidt, participated for the first time and felt very well. The casino makes much – not ordinary – for the players.

The offered cash games wit a „drop“ of only 15,- DM (7,67 EUR) became fair all requirements. They ran from 10-50 over 20-200 up to the pot limit. Responsible for the perfect organization and the flow were team conductor Dirk Nedler. Sovereign, he also always dealt with the needs of the poker players. It was supported by his trained, speedy dealers. Partially they were only for a few weeks in the poker area, carried however a good work.

The tournaments were well filled all. 35-44 poker player fought on average 4-5 hours for the victory. For prelude and „to play warm“ Texas Holdem NO limit was played (Wednesday, 24.10.2001).
Amazingly, but it was very pleasing, that two ladies, Mrs. Nolte (3rd place) and the winner Mrs. Formella could interspersed themselves in a strong player field. Only Andreas Quadrizus shifted between them with four jacks.
The Omaha pot limit on Thursday (25.20.2001) won, after a deal of the first three, Mr. Scharf, before Mrs. Dohle and Mr. Orlowski. On Friday (26.10.2001) a Texas Holdem pot limit tournament followed. Holger Schneegans, already on the day before the fourth, still improves around one position here. Almost away from the start Mr. Andrews was the chipleader and finally won also before Mr. Satici. The top event, the determination of the 5th Hohensyburger poker championship took place on Saturday (Seven Card Stud tournament, 27.10.2001). This event was naturally in the foreground of the tournament week. Already in the apron the interest in this 1.500,- DM (766,94 EUR) tournament was very large, so that Mr. Nedler placed an additional desk.
Players, who had already played tournaments from Wednesday to Friday, got a subsidy of 500,-DM (255,65 EUR)! Furthermore the casino leaders sponsored a High-hand-valuation of (5000,- DM / 2556,46 EUR) and a „elimination bonus“ of 4000,-DM / 2045,17 EUR). A proud total! This was a thank of the casinos to all their faithful and regular customers.

„Freeze Out“ was played with a „double chance“. This meant for a player, who had gone unsuccessfully „ALL In“ within the first 4 levels, that he got a table stake again at the value of 2000 jetons. The others received this total before the beginning of the 5th level. A very well thought thing. After 4 hours hard and concentrated play, the 9 final participants were certain. Because there were only 6 prize money ranks, three had still to separate without a gain. It met me as 8th and Eddy Scharf became 7th.

Each small advantage, each good position, each open high card was now merciless used. Now also the large appearance of Markus Neuhöffer came. He was involved in almost all remaining plays. His chip status climbed on 80.000, fell minutes later on 20.000 and suddenly he had well over 100.000 jetons. This constant pressure, this aggressive play way, fell also Andreas Quadrizus (6th place), Phamm Minh ( 4th place) and H. Krause (5th place) to victim. Who had to open, usually played the maximum. So also as Christoph Wolters with a pair of seven against H. Satici (a pair of six) first shouted „pot“ and then afterwards went „ALL In“. His higher pair held and he became second. From the clear „leader“ Markus he got to his gain of 15.800,- DM (8.078,54 EUR) a small bonus and it came to the „show down“ in the last all crucial play of this voltage-loaded final. A pair of four were then enough for Markus Neuhöffner, to become the earned winner. The ISA-CASINOS congratulates to the victory quite cordially.

Immediately thereafter Mr. Nedler presented prize moneys to the winners and an exciting tournament with many surprises ended.