Andreas Krause wins the 3rd elite-tournament of Wiesbaden

Ein Artikel von Wolfgang Pilecki

On 20. and 21.10.2001 the 3rd Poker-elite-tournament took place in the Casino Wiesbaden. With 5.000 tournament jetons start capital, 26 players began to play against each other with this Texas No Limit Holdem tournament.

The securitiy to buy in 4 times with 2.500 jetons, as well as to transact an ADD-ON at the end of the 3rd level, for which there was further 10.000 jetons, provided for exciting portions right away from the start. Mr Becker, who managed the tournament personally, continues the tournament on the next day at 17.15 h sharp. The Blinds were of the order now with 100/200 and were very moderately increased. So each participant could prove his knowledge and was not forced in the play. All players expressed themselves praising over the outstanding strucutre and organization.

The atmosphere was fantastic. As Mrs. Soraja Hohmann went with 2 kings All In against Mr. Miele ace/lady/ the desk was surrounded by curious players. In the flop lady 3 and 7, afterwards a further lady followed. Everyone could feel with Mrs. Hohmanns disappointment. Luckier ran the All Inn of Wolfgang Pilecki. With 3 ladies he raised 3500. Thomas and Willy go along. In the flop 5-5-6. Willy checked, Wolfang goes with 19.000 All In. Thomas fold with ace-lady, Willy pays and shows smiling his pair of six. Immediately the last lady follows, this feeling of luck, so well to have separated and nevertheless still meet is unbelievable.

With new courage Wolfang reached as the chipleader the finaltable. But the luck turned, when he played and lost unsuccessfully with a pair of nine against Andreas Krause ace/jack/ All. Few hands later Wolfgang played again unsuccessfully with an ace against Andreas (9/9) und achieved so an respectable 4th place.

The surprising winner of this evening was quite unique Ludger Bauer. Because he could not be present on the first day, he started on the second day with only 1900 remaining jetons. Play after play he fought for a jeton after the other. At the finaltable he defeated Mr. Salehi, who received DM 4.130,- for his hard fought 3rd place. Afterwards he assumed an extremely fair deal of Andreas and received for his unbelievable 2nd place DM 7.900– with only DM 5.000,- stake.