Antigua, the Island of the offshore online casinos?

In the coming days, [key:IC] is going to publish the findings of their in depth research about online casinos in Antigua and the Caribbean. Included will be interviews with the Honorary Consul of Colombia and the former Prime Minister Lester Bird, who is now the leader of the opposition and the head of the „Antigua Labour Party“ which previously governed Antigua.

[key:IC] was invited by Mr. Bird for a private Interview which lasted for more than 4 hours.

Of great interest will be the figures mentioned by the former Prime Minister who elucidated every question from the beginning, to the taxes and the details of the WTO dispute.

Giancarlo Bettini answered all our questions. He was one of the first who founded an online casino. Here too are well documented facts which are of special interest to all readers.

Furthermore, we have looked into more that 30 online casinos, collected pictures and held lots of interesting conversations. Very important to us was how these casinos came into being, which licence fees and regulations were applied, which software and security systems are used, as well as which management and administration is introduced.

Not all of them were willing to answer our questions and to give us a view off the stage.

You can look forward to an interesting and exciting story about the island of Antigua primarily as a Tourism destination but whose economy also lives from and with online casinos.

Experience how many jobs have been created, how much money was invested and what got built with it.

*Antigua, die Insel der Offshore Online Casinos?*