Real Game – Real Money or also Just for Fun

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Daily from 15.00 to at least 3,00 o’clock is played only at the following legal holidays is the gaming house Wiesbaden and thus also the Internet of roulette closed: Good Friday, May, June bank holiday (2005-06-26, 2006-06-15), Public Day of Mourning, November bank holiday, and December.

Real Game. Real Money. Play with us together, because you can win genuine money! As the German gaming house is unique with a table in reality for the virtual online gaming. Indication: Please notice that you later must be staying (whereabouts/ residence) within the federal territory of Hessen or outside of Germany.

Fun Game

Online-Roulette is available to you in two different variants:

The version „deluxe“ offers a graphically high-quality play surface in 3D with many personal adjustment possibilities to you. We recommend to you for this however a fast computer (at least 1 GHz timing frequency, a good diagram map as well as a fast Internet binding, e.g. DSL.)

Please consider: With the first start of the „deluxe“ play it can be that you are requested to load a application program of the company „Sun“. Please you confirm this reference with „Yes“ (German: „Ja“).

The „classic“ quality shows you the Roulette game in a slim, plain form. This version is in particular suitable for users of older computers and users with a slow Internet connection.

The Fun Game play is naturally equipped with a language modular. Additionally the gaming house Wiesbaden offers the option of call of Permanence live from the play hall.

If you want to play now in real-time, you must considering while registers the following:

The Roulette online-game is subject to geo-topographic premises, which are legally conditioned. Before you register yourselves, we would like to inform you still about a few details: You are at present in residence within Germany. Each prospective customer from Germany may register itself free of charge with us. However we are obligated to examine the latter, of where out the user participates in the gamble:

If you are in residence abroad at the time of the game, you may participate likewise, if this were permitted after the legislation of your residence country.

If you are in residence at the time of gaming in a German Land of the Federal Republic outside of Hessen, you may NOT participate, unfortunately.

In order to be able to attend at the game, to do so just click along on the banner on our sides on and make your decision for that free or cost Fun Game or play yourself the Real-Game – Real Money. You are playing right now at a certified and licensed safe and respectable on-line Casino, live within the gaming house Wiesbaden.

Much fun and much luck wishes you ISA-CASINOS