EEGS webinar examines transformative changes in the Balkan gaming landscape

The Balkan gaming market is undergoing significant changes, with new regulations and evolving market dynamics shaping the industry's future. The recent EEGS Webinar, "Balkan Gaming Landscape – a Maze or Amaze? Deep dive in the markets (Pt. 2)," provided an in-depth analysis of these developments. The session featured industry experts including Angel Iribozov, Vasko Ilijevski, Dan Iliovici, Ovidiu Iosif, and Zoran Puhac, moderated by Rossi McKee, Co-Founder of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria and Honorary Chair of AGIB.

Key topics discussed included the impact of recent regulatory changes in Bulgaria and Romania, challenges and opportunities in North Macedonia's gaming market, and the importance of responsible gaming initiatives across the region. The speakers emphasized the need for a balanced approach that considers both regulatory objectives and the economic contributions of the gaming industry.

Angel Iribozov, Chairman of the Association of the Gaming Industry in Bulgaria (AGIB), highlighted the substantial regulatory changes in Bulgaria, focusing on both the positive steps towards reducing unlicensed operations and the challenges posed by the new advertising restrictions. "The recent regulations aim to limit unlicensed operations, but the advertising restrictions pose significant challenges for licensed operators to reach their audience," said Iribozov.

Dan Iliovici, Vice-President of ROMBET, discussed the recent changes in Romanian gaming laws that led to the closure of numerous gaming facilities. He emphasized the need for a balanced approach that considers both regulatory objectives and economic contributions. On the other hand, Ovidiu Iosif, Executive Director of Joc Responsible Association, highlighted ongoing responsible gaming programs in Romania.

Vasko Ilijevski, President of the Macedonian Sports Betting Association, emphasized the importance of including industry input in future regulatory discussions to avoid disruption and possible closure of various gaming facilities.

Zoran Puhac, Secretary General of the European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL), discussed the spread of restrictive advertising regulations across the Western Balkans, advocating for the use of best practices to avoid market disruptions. "The key is to implement regulations that protect consumers without stifling industry growth," advised Puhac.

The EEGS webinar provided attendees with valuable insights into the evolving Balkan gaming landscape. By understanding regulatory changes, market dynamics, and promoting responsible gaming, stakeholders can navigate the challenges and seize opportunities for growth. All attendees of the EEGS webinar received a Certificate of Attendance, recognizing their commitment to advancing knowledge in the gaming industry.

You can watch the entire webinar here: