Casinos Austria International at IGE 2010

Casinos Austria International (CAI) will be taking advantage of its participation at the International Gaming Expo (IGE) from 26-28 January 2010 in Earls Court, London to promote its extensive portfolio of casino and gaming entertainment services and products.

IGE is Europe’s premier gaming industry exhibition and coincides with the European Casino Association’s International Casino Conference, the Combating Cybercrime conference and the International Gaming Awards. Record exhibitor and anticipated visitor numbers at this exciting gaming industry event confirm IGE as the top event of its kind in Europe and the ideal forum for CAI to present its portfolio of innovative, casino and gaming entertainment services and products to representatives of the worldwide gaming industry and meet with guests, journalists and clients.

A world leader in international casino planning, development and management for over 30 years, Vienna-based CAI is the ideal partner for investors from outside the industry as well as for casino companies seeking to expand into new markets or market segments, ensuring they maximize the potential and optimize the success of their casino projects.