104 Cards promise lots of possibilities. And TWINS ® isn‘t just a game.

Reinhold Schmitt
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The real world

The younger generation of players is becoming more and more fascinated by the world of slot machines and the possibilities of big wins from small stakes.

Everyday tasks dominate the activities of casinos and after there’s little time left over for innovation in new games and events.

However, increasing attraction and optimised customer care make for a successful casino.

The classic table game is the heart of any casino

Innovative and traditional

Traditional table games are the heart of every casino and they create the fascination in casinos; no successful casino can do without them. And that is how it should remain in the future.

Based upon these premises, we have set out to create a new table game with a high value for casino operators and their guests: TWINS®. In doing so, we have integrated the traditional requirements of gaming together with modern aspects.

That’s what you call a Win-Win Situation

Complete Package (excitement incl.)

With TWINS®, you and your guests will not only play a completely new game – you also offer unprecedented profit possibilities for all. The numerous advantages inherent in the game combined with our complete marketing package create that benefit for you and your guests which one can only describe as a WIN-WIN scenario.

From the entire market entry up to individual and special events which can be hosted in your casinos, we have developed the TWINS® package for you. The playing of and working with TWINS® will be an exciting and enjoyable experience for your guests and your staff.


Your advantages
  • Successful synergies from the game, events and service
  • A quick card game with uniquely high winning possibilities
  • Easy to play with simple rules
  • Specially suitable for newcomers and the ambitious regular player
  • An attractive supplement to your offering of games
  • Additional PR and marketing possibilities to position you in the market on request
  • Individual and targeted events
  • The creation of internal and external “Talking Points“
  • Consultancy through industry specialists included
  • Further development of game and services
  • Minimal investment, operating costs and security risks
Additional Service
  • Project planning for the introduction of the new game
  • Advice regarding location and layout adjustments
  • Advice with PR / Marketing measures Supply of the necessary flyers and PR materials
  • Training materials (Train the Trainer, etc.)
  • Advice regarding internal processes
  • Controlling using a number of checklists
  • Arrangement of the opening event
  • Support during the days that follow
  • Assistance regarding the recording of gaming behaviour
  • Evaluation and analysis regarding acceptance amongst guests
  • Derivation of analysis for increasing the drop
  • Support with the development and planning of events around the game
  • Organisation of tournaments and events
  • Further development of the game
  • Comprehensive After Sales Support
* Conditions and details on request

The game

TWINS® is a new card game. Bets are placed on various combinations of values and symbols of two cards. The game is played with two decks (à 52 cards), making 104 cards in total, cutting cards and a card shoe.

TWINS® is a very simple and fast table game which offers unique pay-out ratios in the field of traditional card games. As a result of the simplicity of the game and the clarity of its rules and pay-out ratios, TWINS® offers newcomers the perfect introduction. Through its high winnings potential, TWINS® is also very attractive to ambitious regular and experienced players.

The game play

Two decks of 52 cards are shuffled. A cutting card is used to cut the 104 cards in such a way that less than a full deck is used for playing the game. Afterwards, the pack of cards is placed in the card shoe.

Upon the dealer’s request, the guests place their bets on the appropriate fields on the cloth. The dealer then announces that no more bets can be placed. The dealer draws two cards from the card shoe – which act as the bank’s cards – and these are placed on the designated fields and turned over so that everybody can see them. The cards are named by the dealer and he starts paying out.

If a game with cards chosen from two decks with a cutting card from the card shoe is not wished for, then it is, of course, possible for the game to be played with two decks in a card machine. Twins also can played with 6 or 8 Decks.

TWINS® comes in three variations

The ranking
  • The ranking of the cards is in ascending order: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace
  • The values of the cards are:
  • from 2 to 10, the values shown on the card.

    J, Q and K (Jack, Queen and King – our TWINS®) each count for 10 points.

    Ace always has a value of 11 points.
The layouts
  • HI / LO:
  • Bets are placed on the first card being higher than the second or vice versa.
  • Bets are placed on the sum of both cards.
  • TWINS®:
  • Bets are placed on various pair combinations.
The Paytables
  • TWINS® offers you many different ways of placing bets.
  • The minimum and maximum stakes are stated at each table.
HI / LO:
You bet that the first card is higher or lower than the second card (and vice versa). There are four different ways of placing bets: Card 1 HI/LO and Card 2 HI/LO. AMOUNT:
  • 4-12: …the sum of the two cards is between 4 and 12.
  • 13-16: …the sum of the two cards is between 13 and 16.
  • 17-20: …the sum of the two cards is between 17 and 20.
  • 21: …the sum of the two cards is 21.
  • 22: …the sum of the two cards is 22.
The progressive Jackpot: If you place a particular wager on the Jackpot-Field (J,Q or K is possible) and perfect J,Q or K appears, than you‘ll win the progressive Jackpot.


Here you win when…
  • Ultimate TWINS®: …a particular pair of Jacks, Queens or Kings of the same suit appears.
  • Perfect TWINS®: …a pair of Jacks, Queens or Kings of the same suit appears.
  • Any Perfect TWINS®: …any pair – Jack, Queen or King – of the same suit appears.
  • Any Perfect Pair: …a pair – from 2 to Ace – of the suit appears.
  • Any TWINS®: …any pair of Jacks, Queens or Kings of different suits appears.
  • Any Pair: …a pair – from 2 to Ace – of different suits appears.

The reality of a game sequence is mapped as a model in the Simulation

The calculations regarding the game have been carried out by a number of specialists. Ultimately, the calculations were also performed and verified by a doctor of mathematics from the gaming industry. At the centre stands the probability of the individual outcomes in connection with the numbers of card decks.
Mathematical analyzed for 2,6 and 8 Decks.

Game simulation
Independent of the mathematical calculation, we have modelled various game simulations in which we simulated a very large number of games and, as a result, have been able to prove the mathematical calculation as applied in practice. In the game simulation, it was attempted to model the reality of a sequence of game (the course of the game respectively). The size of the bets, gaming behaviour, probability decisions and gaming strategies were all integrated into the simulation. The simulation “foresees” the outcomes of real game data and is, therefore, an additional verification of the theoretical mathematics.



We give you everything:
  • Training materials / Manuals
  • Flyers
  • Game explanations
  • Give aways
  • Checklists
  • anything else you need for the preparation, introduction and operating phases (process sequences, tabulations and analysis, et al.)
  • Event planning and / or execution
* Conditions and details on request.