Binion still casino hunting

Jack Binion is back in Las Vegas from a recent trip to Macau where he took a close look at the state of the casino business and decided that for the moment, „It’s too tough over there.“

Whether he was speaking about the effects of a downturn in the Macau economy or the impact of recent travel restrictions from the mainland is not clear, but Binion noted, „They try and manage their economy more than we do.“

Macau will do fine over a period of time, he said, but Binion left a listener with no reason to believe Macau is a place where he expects to invest in the gambling business. Binion is the former chief of Macau operations for Steve Wynn and was at one time looking for his own investment in the special administrative region of the mainland government.

What Binion would like at the age of 72 is a place in Las Vegas where he can spend time without flying halfway around the country or around the world.

But having said that, he and his team expect to re-bid for a casino license in southern Kansas near the Oklahoma border.