Actions against money laundering to deepen

Money-transfer companies, exchange entities, federal credit and saving unions, as well as casinos, will be regulated by the Commission of Financial Analysis (CAF), headed by Attorney General Office of Nicaragua, in the prevention and control of money laundering.

General Attorney of the Republic, Julio Centeno Gómez, and the executive secretary of this institution, Delia Rosales, explained that these companies will have to report the information with regards to CAF, as the financial system does.

In a meeting of this commission, comprised by several institutions, it was said that a form to report dangerous transactions was planned. Centeno also said that they analyzed a plan to work together with other Central American countries, to control “unusual activities”, specially, referred to money and assets laundering.

“CAF has considered, according to the power brought by Law 285, that we cannot go on like this; for the sake of the financial system and society in general, we need these institutions to have control systems related to money laundering”, explained Rosales.

He added that, so far, the only company that has a control program of the information of their customers is Western Union. Rosales added that the set of regulations does not depend on the visit that a mission of the International Financial Action Group (GAFI), that will visit the country on October 6-17.

Executive Secretary of the National Council to fight against drugs, René Ortega, said that the country has already sent the national report, and just the verification is needed.

They will have interviews with different entities, as Bank Superintendence, bankers, the Attorney General’s Office, among others. According to Ortega, most of the interviews will be held with technicians, although he did not discard some political interviews, too.