Casino Bregenz Cup of Nations 2008

International Christmas Poker Tournament in Vorarlberg

From 2 to 7 December Casino Bregenz is holding its traditional Christmas Poker Championship. With a little luck the ideal place to pep up your Christmas budget. And – for the second time there is also the Casino Bregenz Cup of Nations held in the scope of the Christmas championship.

As in 2007, the numerous international poker guests will not only be able to play in the championship, but will also join the Nations teams and play as a team. The Cup of Nations will be held on two days: the preliminary rounds are on Friday, 5 December, the final on Sunday, December. The Casino Bregenz Cup of Nations 2008 is taking place in cooperation with

Cup of Nations Rules:

A “national team” consists of a captain and three players of the same nationality. The buy-in is EUR 10,000 per team, thus EUR 2,500 per player. The team members should wear the same shirt, if possible with the flag of their country. A maximum of two teams per nation can take part. In the event of multiple entries, the order of registration will apply. Participation in the Cup of Nations is restricted to nine teams.

The Game:

Every player plays a table of Sit&Go in Seven Card Stud Limit, Omaha Pot Limit and Texas Hold’em No Limit. For the rankings achieved the player receives points for his team. After three preliminary rounds the points are converted into chips. The team gets these chips for the final game.

The Texas Hold’em No Limit variant will be played for the final. The team captain determines which players play in the final. During the final the captain can switch players three times. The winner is the team which holds all the chips at the end.


Preliminary Rounds on Friday (5.12.08)

Buy-in: € 10,000 per team

14:00 – 17:15 – Sit&Go Seven Card Stud Limit
17:30 – 20:30 – Sit&Go Omaha Pot Limit
20:30 – 22:00 – Dinner break
22:00 – 01:00 – Sit&Go Texas Hold’em No Limit

Final on Sunday (7.12.08) 17:00

Distribution of prize money:

5 Teams Winner € 35,000 / Second Place € 12,500
6 Teams Winner € 40,000 / Second Place € 17,000
7 Teams Winner € 45,000 / Second Place € 21,500
8 Teams Winner € 50,000 / Second Place € 26,000
9 Teams Winner € 55,000 / Second Place € 30,500

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