Casino attendance, tax revenue tumbles

Tax revenue generated by Indiana’s casinos dipped nearly USD 3 million in June compared to the same period a year ago, despite the addition of new gambling centers in Anderson and Shelbyville.

Indiana casinos generated about USD 78.6 million in tax revenue for the state last month, a drop from USD 81.5 million last June, according to figures released today by the Indiana Gaming Commission. The two new casinos contributed USD 6.5 million toward that total. Those casinos opened in June, bringing the state’s total to 13.

Overall casino attendance also showed a decline, dropping to nearly 2.1 million from about 2.3 million last year.

Indiana Gaming Commission Executive Director Ernie Yelton, the gaming commission’s executive director, said the decrease was due to a number of factors, including the economy, gas prices and the tumultuous weather during the past month.

“Historically, the industry has been resistant to the economy,” Yelton said. “I believe this is the first time in gaming history that it has had an effect.”

The state’s two new “racinos“ – Hoosier Park Racing and Casino in Anderson and Indiana Live Casino at Indiana Downs in Shelbyville – began offering slot machines in June. Hoosier Park brought in more than USD 3.9 million in taxes, surpassing French Lick Resort Casino’s USD 2,568,231. Indiana Live generated USD 2,567,287 in taxes for the month.

The new racinos paid the state USD 250 million in licensing fees to install the 2,000 slot machines in their racing establishments, and expect to draw more than 3 million visitors during their first year of operation. .

French Lick Resort Casino, which some believe will take the biggest hit from adding slots in Anderson and Shelbyville, reported fewer visitors and smaller revenues. The casino had 102,101 visitors, down from 111,617 in May. The USD 2.5 million in tax revenues is down from USD 3.2 million during the previous month.