Remington Park Opposes New Tribal Casino

Oklahoma City – The Shawnee tribe hopes to build a casino and hotel in Oklahoma City about two miles away from Remington Park.

The tribe says it will bring extra tax revenue to Oklahoma City, but opponents say it would put Remington Park out of business and hurt education.

A state law enacted in 2004 gives some profits from Remington Park to the state’s education fund.

Park executives say the program has produced USD 19 million so far.

„There will certainly be a precipitous drop in revenue immediately … It would be like pulling the plug on the goose that laid the golden egg,“ Remington Park spokesman Scott Wells said.

A statement released by the tribe states the hotel will “create 2,000 jobs and provide millions of dollars in new revenue to the area … including payments to local governments and support for education.”

Oklahoma horse racing industry representatives say the proposed casino would not be governed by the same rules Remington Park is which would leave the park at a competitive disadvantage.
The proposed casino would be built along Interstate 35 between Britton Road and Wilshire Boulevard.

State Rep. Mike Shelton will host a community forum to discuss the proposal Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Millwood Arts Academy.