The European Union doubts that Gran Scala will be developed

The European Union (EU) does not know if Gran Scala project will really come true, so it does not believe it is necessary, for the moment, to investigate if it fits in with legality in every aspect.

The EU has made that statement after the political party Izquierda Unida (IU) asked this large leisure project planned for Spain to be watched by European authorities.

IU spokesman in the Court of Aragón, Adolfo Barrena, talked before the Commission of Petitions of the Euro Chamber. He insisted that the construction of Gran Scala “goes against and in the opposite direction of what a sustainable development should be”. He remarked that the dimension of the project would mean to “create a new town of 100,000 inhabitants in Los Monegros”.

The U.E. representative of IU, Willy Meyer, asked E.U. to send a mission to Aragon to analyze both Gran Scala and the urban development that is being produced in Pirineo and other areas. This possibility will be treated in a future meeting of the Commission of Petitions of the European Parliament.

Last February, Brussels asked information to the Spanish authorities on Gran Scala project, promoted by an international consortium of investors called ILD. The project was officially presented in the venue of the Aragon government last December, in an act organized by the autonomous government in which 177,000 euros were spent.

The European Commission does not refuse to investigate the project, but, once it sees it might come true, something that is not happening now, in their opinion. The land in which the big leisure complex with 32 casino hotels is to be built has not even been acquired.

A representative of the General Direction of Environment of the European Commission explained before the European representatives that the project is still in the “definition phase”.