Master Classics of Poker starts the sale of tickets today

The 17th edition of Master Classics of Poker, one of the biggest and best-known international poker tournaments, will be held between November 7-15. Ticket sales for this huge tournament start today. The best poker players from all over the world will be pitted against each other.

Last year the total prize pot added up to more than 3.68 million Euros. Tickets may be bought either online or at any Holland Casino cash desk (except for Schiphol). The main tournament in the Holland Casino Master Classics of Poker is the Lido Poker Tournament. This tournament takes place from Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th November inclusive and has a buy-in of 6,000 Euros plus 200 Euros entry fee. All of the stakes paid in are paid out as the prize fund.

The Master Classics of Poker comprises seven different tournaments where the types of poker played are Texas Hold’em and Omaha. The buy-in plus entry fee for each tournament varies between 330 and 6,200 Euros. The level of the prize pot for these tournaments is then, of course, dependent on the number of participants.

Each day the tournaments start at 2 pm except for the Lido Tournament that starts at 3 pm. More information on the MCOP and the full tournament schedule is available at

Holland Casino gives a discount to poker players who enter early. Up to and including Monday June 23rd the casino will pay the credit card charges (maximum 1.75%). After this time the poker player will pay these charges.