Gran Scala freezes indefinitely

Gran Scala project, known as the “Las Vegas of Monegros”, which is aimed to be built in the Aragon desert, as a mega leisure and gaming complex which has not been cancelled yet, but its postponement seems to be quite long.

Promoters of the project have not placed the 20 million euros of guarantee which the autonomous government had suggested in order to stop with the growing claims of the citizens.

Although the deadline expires last Saturday, Vice-President José Ángel Biel has asked to calm down and not to be inflexible with the dates, due to the importance of the project. However, in political media, the situation is defined as an “indefinite suspension”.

Around 1,500 people participated last Saturday in the meeting organized in Zaragoza by Plataforma Stop Gran Scala, comprised by organizations of citizens and ecologist movements, who asked for the dismissal of the counselor of Industry, Arturo Aliaga, as well as Biel, “for having supported fraudulent promoters”.