Current Paraguayan president would license casinos before Fernando Lugo takes over the presidency

Ignoring the new government headed by Fernando Lugo, the current government would be after a fast tender process of games of chance within the country, mainly in casinos.

Carlos Riveros, from the party Alianza Patriótica para el Cambio (APC), warned that such decision is highly suspicious. In case those casinos are granted, a revision of the contracts would be performed so they might be cancelled.

The government would intend to perform a tender process for the operation of different games of chance in the country, according to sources of the sector. The unofficial version says that they are willing to tender all the licenses before the ending of the government of Nicanor Duarte Frutos, next August 15th.

According to the source, the Games of Chance National Commission (Conajzar) is in charge of the process, and the strategy would be that just one application would be presented for each license, so it would then be granted with a 3 to 5 operating license in exchange of the payment of a minimum fee.

This situation would leave the new government, headed by Fernando Lugo, without the possibility to revise the offers for a better license that would allow the state to obtain a better income. The same structure would happen in other sectors, such as infraestructure and the provision of products and services.

Carlos Riveros, director of PLRA and political party called Alianza Patriótica para el Cambio (APC), pointed: “We entered in a transitional stage and president Nicanor Duarte Frutos should not take any decision on the matter”.

He pointed that the president should not grant any license or make appointments at the moment, even more considering that, with his decision, he is engaging the new government, that will assume next August 15th.

Riveros assured that, in any country of the world, this kind of decisions is in charge of the new government, considering that it is creating the team that would be in charge of making the transition to the government. He said that, if this version is confirmed, the attitude is highly suspicious because it does not exist any urgency to carry on these type of processes.

He affirmed that they hope it is not this way, because Duarte Frutos had committed himself to carry on a pacific transition and even named the vice president of the republic, Francisco Oviedo, in order to coordinate the task.

If a tender process is performed, Lugo will revise each of the contracts signed, and, if any irregularity is detected, they would all be cancelled.