Russia casino ban may be postponed

The latest speculation emerging from the Russian market is that there may be a stay of execution in the gaming industry there. The gambling market is scheduled to close in July 2009, except for four gaming zones‚ in different parts of the country.

In 2006, Russia worked out a law on creation of four gambling zones. Since the 1st of June 2009 any gambling activity beyond these zones will be prohibited. However, the constant lobbying within the Russian parliament for an extension to the breathing space given to the industry to close down may be bearing some fruit.

Those Russian sources are suggesting that the extension may take the industry through to 2014, although there is no official confirmation.

On top of that, officials suggest uniting casinos and tourism in the country. The Public Chamber of Russia has suggested that gambling and travel businesses on the territory of the tourist-recreational zones should be united.

As an example they give the United States, where many gambling zones are united with Indian reservations in order to mix the influx of tourists to the reservations with the influxes of gamblers.

One of the plans was to use the already existent infrastructure for gambling zone creation, for instance, in Sochi, after the Olympic Winter Games of 2014.