No casualties in Naga Casino fire in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh (Xinhua) — There were no casualties in the fire which burned part of the Naga Casino here on Saturday, Cambodian police said.

Naga Casino fire (by Xinhua Photo)„We are preparing to create a committee to investigate this fire accident,“ Phnom Penh Police Commander Touch Naroath told Xinhua.

Nobody died from this accident, he added.

The fire only destroyed some construction materials inside the building and part of its first and second floor, staff and construction workers said.

The guests of Naga, which is also a hotel, fled from their rooms, they said, adding that all staff members were also evacuated from the building.

Wood being used for remodeling the Naga Casino caught fire, sparking the blaze in a district of the city crowded with government offices, including the National Assembly and Foreign Ministry, military police officer Klook Chandara said.

The fire has been put out and it did not cause damage to other buildings in the same block.

Naga is operated by Malaysian investors and it is the only casino of its kind within 200 kilograms around.

Some parts of the Naga building was on business while other parts are still under construction.

The blaze was the second major fire in two days in Cambodia’s capital, after more than 200 wooden shacks in a slum area were destroyed early Friday, leaving thousands homeless.