New South Wales wants to work with Betfair

Government authorities in New South Wales say Australian High Court approves of its plan to tax and regulate online betting exchange Betfair. NSW‘s revelation follows closely on the heels of last week’s High Court ruling that a Western Australian law banning residents from wagering on betting exchanges is unconstitutional.

The NSW government would like to impose a license fee on Betfair and is considering whether to let it and other betting exchange sites advertise in the state. Racing NSW chief executive Peter V’landys told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the NSW plan „is exactly what the High Court requested“.

„We have said and we continue to say that we will make sure that competition is even and that everyone pays the same fee,“ said V’landys. Then added: „That is exactly what the court has found – you can’t discriminate against someone and you can’t be more favourable to someone.“

The High Court found Western Australia’s policy unconstitutional because it imposed protectionist policies on interstate trade.