US: Legal Hurdle on Legalisation of Sports Betting in Georgia Continues

Following a heated dispute on funding matters, the Georgia General Assembly (consisting of both parliamentary chambers of the Peach State) has failed again to implement the necessary constitutional and legal amendments for the legalisation of sports betting in the US state, on 28th of March.

Since 2021, several attempts to regulate sports betting have failed in Georgia, due to the fierce discussions between the two major political parties in parliament and senate. Despite the political will to regulate sports betting across the political ankle, Democrats and Republicans have not managed to agree on a required constitutional amendment, for the fourth time.

Reason for the legislative initiative having failed last week were discussions on state funding of problem and responsible gaming: while the initial draft bill provided for the richest funding of measures to counter this important public health issue (15% of tax revenues), the draft amendment that would get to vote contained an effective 70%-decrease of these figures, in favour of other cost centres.

Against this background, the political opponents could not get to agree and Georgia remains one of the 13 US states which still have not passed gambling legislation, following the game changer-verdict from the US Supreme Court in 2018.

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