Supreme Court decision favors Casino King R.D. Tuttle

Finally justice has prevailed. A foreign investor’s legal right has been established by Nepal’s honorable Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court of Nepal has through an order has capped the ongoing almost a year long feud in between the real Proprietor of the casinos in Nepal, Mr. Richard Doyel Tuttle and his servant, Rakesh Vadhba.

The Supreme Court has said in a pronouncement that the current managing committee headed by Rakesh Wadhba was illegal and thus has ordered the former committee wherein Mr. Tuttle was the Chairman to operate as usual.

To recall, Mr. Tuttle had hired an Indian national in the early 70s at the Casino business and later when Wadhva proved his acumen, Mr. Tuttle-the real investor in the Casino business in Nepal, promoted Wadhba and provided him with some shares.

However, the Indian national got tempted and later at an opportune moment he took over the entire Casino industry.

Through pumping money to the concerned Nepali authorities to make decisions in his favor, Wadhva ousted Mr. Tuttle from the industry for a while.

While the feud was continuing, Tuttle filed a writ petition at the nation’s apex court and thus bagged justice in his favor.

“The Supreme Court orders that the old managing committee should come into operation with immediate effect”, is what the Court has said in its verdict.

The American national, R.D. Tuttle after suffering a long hassle finally has won the battle and that too legally.

The decision made by the Supreme Court of Nepal will thus assure other foreign investors that justice is not denied in Nepal.

Congratulations Mr. Tuttle!