Bwin forced to close

The public prosecutor Martín Lapadú confirmed yesterday that last Friday he presented to the Argentine law a request to close the sports betting site Bwin. This judicial requirement would be effective in the following days.

„Once it is closed, the webpage will not be operational“, announced Lapadú. „The page does not have the proper authorization neither of the National Lottery nor the Gambling Institute of the City“, pointed Lapadú.

Due to the legal action, last Friday the head of Tribunal Nº 5 in First Instance María Fernanda Botana, asked the chancellorship to cancel the web site. In statements on the radio, the judge said that „once it is closed, the webpage will not be operational“.

The site affected, which is operated by Bwin Argentina SA, part of Bwin Group; “should obtain the necessary authorization to keeo on operating and change its legal situation, concluded Lapadú.