Donald Trump interested in new Chilean casinos

US tycoon Donald Trump aims to invest in Chile. He is interested in finding land in the Eastern part of the capital city in order to install its Trump Tower, and now he has added the possibility to own one of the casinos that are being built in the South of the country.

This version was confirmed by Marcos Kaplún, director of Kayco Internacional Group, who works together with the millionaire sons in order to make possible Trump’s arrival to the markets of Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

“I cannot anticipate in which city it could happen, but the possibility is certain and he would possibly own one of the projects. Trump’s name is very strong worldwide, so in case he owns one of the casinos, his name would be used in the project”, specified Kaplún.

The executive added that “they have a casino division, for example, in Atlantic City, so they know about the business and they are strong in that matter. It is probable that one of the casino owners may travel with me in April to a meeting in US with Donald Trump’s sons”.

The second tender process is currently under process in Chile. It has clue places in the South where cities mentioned are Chiloé, Puyehue and Coyhaique. In 2008 nine projects will be inaugurated, with a USD 370 million investment. Anyway, Trump interest in finding a place in the Golf neighborhood zone to build its Trump Tower there still persists, according to Kaplún, who also pointed that in Peru and Uruguay have been more advances.

Trump Tower in Chile was to be built in the intersection of Enrique Foster and Apoquindo Ave, however, one of the owners (owner of 250 sqm) put a price of 480 Finantial Units per sqm.

“I could pay up to 200 Finantial Units for this specific area, but it is too much. The average should be 130 FU”, said Kaplun at that moment.

Donald Trump pays a fixed price that could be between 1 and 2 million dollars and just puts his name to the building, which brings it a special value, due to the prestige of the multimillionaire US businessman.