A bill that bans online sportsbooks analyzed in Brazil

The House of Representatives analizes the Bill 2429/07, from representative Luiz Carlos Hauly (PSDB-PR), which bans bets via data transmission, specially in Internet. The text excludes the prohibition of bets performed in federal and regional lotteries authorized by law.

The project also bans banks and administrators of credit cards to transfer money for the payment of online bets. In case of an infringement, there will be charges equivalent to 200 times the value of the electronic transference performed and the criminal responsibility of the representative of the financial institution.

The author reminded that the Internet bets have already been banned by the US government. In the case of Brazil, Hauly affirms that it already increased the number of electronic sites dedicated to this kind of bets. “It tricks the Law of Penal Contraventions and the prohibition of games in Brazil, above all, because it allows the access to games with the payment of the value of bets in the bettor’s credit or debit card”.