Gran Scala authorities say that the first phase will be opened by 2010

The inauguration date scheduled for the first phase of the leisure project Gran Scala has not changed. For International Leisure Development (ILD), the announcement of the vicepresident of Aragon government, José Ángel Biel, on a possible delay in the beginning of the construction until the beginning of 2009 “is not a problem”.

The same source has said that “ILD has considered, according to its calculations, this sort of situations and said that there is no cancellation clause included in the contracts between ILD and the operators” on a possible delay in the inauguration date, because it does not exist such “deadline date”.

The inauguration of the first phase is planned between 2010 and 2011. ILD interpretates Biel words as “a statement that underlines that, in case of technical reasons or studies, a three-month delay it is not a problem for the government”.

With regards to its concrete situation, in recent ICE event held in London last month, Councellor of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Aragón, Arturo Aliaga, communicated ILD the five possible locations for the gambling venue, which had already been shortlisted by a DGA commission.

ILD sources have said that “ILD will immediately communicate the location chosen for Gran Scala once the decision has been definitely taken together with the government of Aragón”. Investors aim to create in Los Monegros a leisure complex that includes culture and gambling. Once concluded, the total project will comprise 32 casinos, 70 hotels, 232 restaurants, 500 stores, a horse racetrack, a golf course and several entertainment parks and museums, in a surface of more than 2,000 hectares. It is expected to reach 25 million visitors.