ICE 2008 consolidates as the most global event in the gaming market

Yesterday it started in London the most spectacular edition in ICE history, in Earls Court exhibition center in the city of London, reaffirming its category as the main European event of the sector, and consolidating, once more, as one of the annual most important trade events in the industry worldwide.

The first day, which gathered the main international firms in London, showed a very good level of public all day, and exhibitors were very pleased with the first results.

ATEI space was bigger than in 2007, and had 270 companies, which allowed the organizers to consolidate the international flavor which has always been characteristic of this event. Besides, it reflects a strong organization, very tidy in its details and services, which, together with the interest from exhibitors in the development of their stands (which this year are more spectacular and eye-catching) were the frame of an impeccable opening for the industry in 2008.

This year, the trade event again took part of the space belonging to ATEI, also organized by Clarion ATE, and the center of the attraction of the entertaining event moved, in part, to the second floor of the convention center, leaving ICE as the central attraction in almost the total of the first floor of the complex.

Besides, this year there was a growth of online gaming sector, and ICEi organizers gathered the big international firms dedicated to this sector, as well as new developers, control entities and providers of services.

When analysing the public that assisted to the event yesterday, a remarkable thing is that the European market was the chief actor of the event, although there was a considerable presence of Asian and Latin American operators, but in a lesser extent than in previous editions.