LOT and PPL mull over Casinos Poland sale

The national airline PLL LOT and the Airports Authority (PPL) are in a quandary whether to restructure, boost equity and dispose of gambling company Casinos Poland, or just sell it without any restructuring.

According to Puls Biznesu, both investors have a 33.3% stake worth zł.60-65 million, possibly putting the total worth of the gambling entity at zł.90-105 million, which includes licenses, brand and five attractive casino locations.

The paper’s source claims there are already a few potential buyers of state stakes in Casinos Poland, one being the gambling giant Totalizator Sportowy. A representative from the firm claims to have already conducted preliminary talks with LOT, however, a fast transaction is unlikely as the deal would have to be approved at the same time by the ministers of the treasury, finances and transport, and the current government has not yet expressed its plans related to CP.