Spanish Minister of Environment still doesn’t know if Gran Scala will be approved

Minister of Environment, Cristina Narbona, affirmed that “no decision has been taken” on the position that its ministry will adopt on the Gran Scala project, in order to build the second biggest casino complex worldwide in Los Monegros.

Narbona indicated that nowadays she even “does not know” where will it be located or if the water that will be required for the complex will replace the one that currently is used for the irrigation system. Until they have the necessary information, the Ministery of Environment will not have the capacity to make the proper report.

Narbona made these statements during a visit to the booth that Biodiversidad Foundation has in Juvenalia 2007 trade event in Madrid. There, the minister reminded that the Hydrographical Confederation of Ebro will have to issue a report on the influence of the project on the matter. She added that it already had the “approval” of the Government of Aragon and its president, who said that the project will not be located in the territory belonging to network natura 2000 and added: “I wish Spain had performed all the urban developments in recent years respecting those spaces”.

The president of the Aragon Confederation of Businessmen (CREA), Jesús Morte, talked about Gran Scala complex, and said it would generate employment in the community. Besides, Morte pointed that the promoters of the project said that the celebration of the Zaragoza exhibition was another factor to locate this leisure complex in Aragon.