Parameters to authorize casinos asked to be established

Councillor of Partido Acciona Nacional (PAN), Armando Amaral Macías, mentioned that, after the problem aroused due to the approval of a casino in Monterrey, a regulation to control the ways in which betting centers are approved.

Last December 21st, the Council approved the installation of a casino in a session which was abandoned by more than ten legislators from PAN party, in disagreement with such approval because they could not count with the corresponding file, in order to issue their vote.

After this situation, Amaral Macías talked about the importance of solving that kind of problems, because he considers that, when decisions are taken without a proper analysis, the security of the people of Nuevo León is at risk. He talked about the need to create a regulation to establish the conditions to be considered to authorize a casino.

“I believe that although a casino is a source of employment, its visitors lose money, so I think we should have a system to know when to approve casinos”, he concluded.