Leisure complex Gran Scala officially presented

Official presentation of the leisure project Gran Scala received a great number of visitors and guests which exceeded any perspective of assistants, and aims to target to the grandiloquence of a touristic offer for Europe and the world in general.

This initiative, developed by ILD (International Leisure Development) investment group, will contribute to the social support of Los Monegros (Aragón) and acknowledges the value of a place to gather big business development proposals, as the Aragón’s vice-president, José Ángel Biel, declared.

Last week it was signed an agreement to start building an entertainment complex with five theme parks, three of the confimed as Spyland, Aquantica and Space Port. ILD is comprised, among other partners, by Aristocrat, Groupe Tranchant, Hot Games and Riera y Carreras. They will develop the 32 thematic casinos with latest-generation equipments. Gabriel Tayoun, president of promoter Europtiomat, an area of 2,025 hectares which will look to attract 25 million visitors due to the development of infrastructures of 100 km. and an investment of more than 17,000 million euros.

The city will have 232 restaurants, 70 hotels and several commercial centers with places to attend directors of the companies in which there will be 65,000 workers.

The work will be divided in three stages. The firs one will begin in the third quarter 2008 and it will conclude on the second quarter 2010. In this period, three leisure parks will be built, close to hotels and 14 gambling centers. The opening of the whole complex is planned for 2015.

They have also planned a golf course in Los Monearos and the first museum dedicated to this activity worldwide, said David Colclough, president of PGA.

Marcelino Iglesias, president of Aragón, concluded the act, and remarked that, thanks to the contest of ideas such as Gran Scala, it will be, together with the Expo, a point of touristic attraction. He was also proud for winning the contest to other cities willing to host an event of such importance and thanked promoters the confidence developed in his territory.