HK Court favors Casino King Tuttle

R.D.Tuttle, Nepal’s Casino King, has been granted rightful ownership of the Nepal Recreation Center (NRC) by a competent Court in Hong Kong.

The NRC is running eight casinos in Nepal’s five star hotels.

Tuttle’s ex-employee, Rakesh Wadhwa-the Indian national was only three weeks back awarded the rights over the NRC by Nepal government’s Company of the Registrar office arbitrarily.

Annoyed by such a decision made by the Nepal government, R.D.Tuttle filed a case at the Patan Appellate Court, to challenge the Company of the Registrar’s surprising decision that favored the Indian national who is considered to have been living in Nepal under the mercy of the Casino King.

Some even say that Tuttle awarded some shares to Wadhwa out of friendship hoping that the latter would not cheat him in the future. However, that was not forthcoming.
Soon, Wadhwa changed his colors and fired back at his own master.

However, the Hong Kong High Court on Wednesday clearly stated that Wadhwa’s claims were baseless.

With the Hong Kong Court decision, Wadhwa’s claim that he was the real representative of the new Cannosa (Registration number 1107432) as the real owner of the old Cannosa (registration number 24626), was untrue.

The Hong Kong court thus has made it clear that the two different Cannosa cannot be the same. Thus the real owner of the NRC is the old Cannosa with name changed as “Cantor Gaming Investment” which belongs to Mr. Tuttle, is the real investor of Nepal’s Casino industries.

The decision also makes it clear that the new Cannosa founded by Rakesh Wadhwa cannot represent the old Cannosa- founded by R.D.Tuttle.

Talking to reporters the Manager of the NRC Mr. Bharat Kumar Shakya held that the Hong Kong Court’s decision has upheld the truth and truth only.

The Patan Appellate court in Nepal upon receiving the Hong Kong Court’s decision may give its final verdict favoring, Mr. R.D.Tuttle- the real Casino King.

With the latest decision made by the Hong Kong Court, Rakesh Wadhwa and his associates are panicked, say reports.