Mexican court asked to discard the controversy on casino licenses

The Control Commission of the Superior Auditory of the Federation of the House of Legislators will ask the Court to discard the controversy promoted by the Department of Interior (Segob), which will prevent to audit in the same way in which casino licenses were granted.

PRI and PRD legislators which take part on such legislative instance regretted that last week a constitutional controversy was held in order to avoid the Superior Auditory of the Federation to hold a Special Development Auditory.

In the controversy, the Supreme Court of Justice is demanded to invalidate three official notices from the auditory issued on October 15th by special auditor of ASF, the control entity of the House of Representatives.

One of the points, number 8, aims to revise the details of the procedure to grant licenses and know if the applicants complied with the requirements demanded.

The secretary of the Surveillance Commission of the Superior Auditory of the Federation, Gerardo Sosa Castelán, regretted that control and transparency are avoided in an issue such as casinos and betting houses, and anticipated they will challenge the controversy before the Court.

Besides, legislator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) said that in the following days this subject will be analyzed in the commission and assured that the Court will not prevent to make progress on the control of the process in which 23 casino licenses have been granted.