Uruguay to put to tender a new private marina located in a five-star casino hotel

Uruguayan authorities have set the aim to transform Punta del Este in a touristic center. In order to achieve it, Maldonado council will put out to tender four projects, which are expected to have a good response among Chilean businessmen.

The main project is the launch of a private marina for boats and cruises. It will include a five-star hotel and a casino. In total, USD 300 million will be invested.

Besides, the Uruguayan investment, presented other three tender projects. A road to reach Maldonado (USD 40 million), a project to widen the current marina (USD 20 million) and a convention center (USD 20 million more) to decentralize the tourism in the zone.

General director of tourism in the council, Horacio Díaz, assured that they are very interested in counting with Chilean capital to be invested in projects. “We are interested in those projects”, comments Enrique Loenhert, executive vicepresident of Tecsa. These have been the Chilean company which is pioneer in Uruguay and has been for ten years in that market.

It is currently developing Imperiale megaproject, three buildings with top-level apartments (which was granted the first one and now has the option for the other two) and besides they are in the first place to obtain the project to expand and refurbish the railway.

In total, the firm has a range of projects in Uruguay for USD 52 million.