Spanish casinos paid 136 million euros in taxes during 2006

Taxes of Spanish casinos in 2006 paid 136 million euros in taxes. In the case of Canarias, Andalucía, Galicia or the Vasque Country, the increment has been sustantial regarding the same period last year.

Catalonia is the most affected. It received 33.8 million euros, an increase of 13.71% compared to the previous period. Asturias and La Rioja, with the incorporation of new facilities, have also experimented a rise in taxes, with slight decreases in the rest of the Autonomous Communities.

Nowadays, Murcia mantains its contribution frozen to the public funds altough its revision is pending, due to the fact that the regional Tax General Direction considers it is excessive. It also considers the ellaboration of a new gambling law announced for the first semestre of 2008. It will consider gaming as a leisure activity, treating issues like advertising, the offer limits and territory.