GCA signed deal with South African bank

Global Cash Access (GCA) completed a sponsorship agreement with Absa Bank, one of Africa’s largest banks. It enables GCA to process MasterCard and Visa cash advances within casinos in South Africa, one of the world’s fastest-growing gaming markets.

„We’re very happy to be able to begin serving South African casinos – and to do so by being sponsored by one of the continent’s largest banks. This is the optimal way to enter a gaming market and to serve casinos and their patrons,“ said Scott Dowty, GCA’s senior vice president in charge of international business.

GCA, a subsidiary of Global Cash Access Holdings, supplies approximately 1,000 casinos and other gaming properties worldwide with products and services that help patrons gain more convenient access to cash – and enable gaming operators to improve operations and better serve, understand, attract and retain customers.

Gaming revenues in South Africa increased nearly 17% in 2006, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which estimates that the casino market there will reach USD 2.7 billion in gaming revenue by 2011.

Said Marius Liebenberg, product manager, Absa Bank Card Merchant Services, „Absa is excited about forming this strategic partnership with Global Cash Access. GCA has partnered with leading banks all over the world, and their proven technology in the gaming space will surely benefit South Africa’s robust gaming industry.“

„South Africa is emerging as one of the world’s major gaming markets, and it’s an important part of GCA’s global growth strategy. We’re delighted to now be able to begin introducing our services there,“ added Dowty.