London Show targets 180 territories

Organisers of ATEI, ICE and ICEi, collectively known as The London Show, chose United Nations Day (24th October) to announce a new target: of attracting visitors from their 180th territory at the forthcoming event (22nd-24th January). The current tally, which covers all visitors to the show since 1995, stands at 178.

Marketing manager, Charlotte Skinner commented: “There are presently 192 Member Sates of the United Nations, so for the London Show to have been represented by so many is a remarkable achievement.”

The ATEI/ICE/ICEi list includes visitors from 29 territories which aren’t actually ‘Member States’ of the UN either for political reasons – in the case of countries such as Taiwan and Palestine – or because they are classed as ‘non-self-governing territories’ or ‘overseas dependencies’.