Uruguay President adopted his stance on the conflict with National Casinos

The speech of President Tabaré Vázquez last Friday had several repercussions. The political party Partido Nacional (PN) expects that, according to the president words, political party Frente Amplio supports the creation of an investigative commission in the Parliament due to supposed corruption cases in the Casino National Direction.

In the speech in which Tabaré Vázquez made a balance on his performance, he talked about some controversial issues that in recent times have generated concern in the public and the political system. He talked about reports of alleged corruption cases, though he did not mention the accusations against the director of National Casinos,
Juan Carlos Bengoa, former director of Montevideo Casinos.

When asked about Vázquez statements, legislator Jorge Gandini said it was positive that the president had acknowledged the importance of the matter and ratified that corruption will not be allowed. He said that he hopes that the government party supports the creation of an investigative commission on those facts in the Parliament.

Gandini reminded that on September19th the Parliament will put to vote the creation of the investigative commission that he proposed.