A 20% fee would tax games of chance and draws in Mexico

The Economy Commission of the House of Legislators agreed on the proposal for the Tax Reform of the federal government in order to add a 20% fee on the performance of bets and draws.

The project of the report, ready for approval next week in San Lázaro, indicates that the gambling industry with bets and draws neither brings society the direct and indirect benefits it demands, nor it fully compensates the associated costs.

The document on the Law of the Special Tax on Production and Services proposes more accuracy in the writing of activities that would be taxed, so there are no doubts about subjects that must contribute.

This way, it establishes that all the people that perform games with bets or draws in the national territory and require permission should be included, according to the Law of Games with Bets and Draws and its Ruling.

It estimates that it is necessary to complement the text proposed by the government, to avoid the evasion of contributors that affirm that their games or contests just reward the skill of the participants that use machines.

This way, it considers that it is necessary to regulate the games and draws type in which participants are required to exchange money by different methods such as chips, cards, passwords and other supporting documents.

Finally, it points that, together with the tax, it does not exist a double imposition to the development of games with bets and draws due to the fact that it is the same tax source.