TGA launches new ‘Responsible Gaming Academy’ at ICE 2018

Prompted by a combination of industry interest and its own initiative to confront an increasingly important issue, The Totally Gaming Academy launches its latest course offer Responsible Gaming at ICE 2018, at the Totally Gaming Academy Theatre (S9-260).

The Totally Gaming Academy makes a point of asking industry experts and practitioners to lead on its courses and so has asked Arno Nagelschmied, (former Head of Responsible Gaming Department of ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG, with more than 26 years of experience in the gaming industry, to lead on the course’s design and delivery.

We interviewed Arno, trying to get to the bottom of key question: why should a gaming company consider training its staff in this subject?
For many people in our industry responsible gaming is still a subject they are not familiar with, and becomes a topic to tackle once the pressure from authorities or society dictates. Due to this, strategies created do not give you the freedom to define your own and authentic way of responsibility in a sustainable way. Training is essential to turn what’s often seen as a ‘necessary evil’, imposed by legislators – into a virtue – a USP.

  1. Why this subject and why now?
    The crucial subject of Responsibility and CSR is not unique to our industry in recent years, but operators embracing the balance of responsibility and profitability will have the biggest success- the future has already begun, now is the time to act!

  2. Isn’t it just a PR issue, with the sector trying to give the impression that it’s concerned in order to keep the legislative wolves at bay?
    I have the impression, that very often this is the case and up to a certain extent I can understand this – what doesn’t mean that I support this approach. Taking responsibility has a lot to do with looking at your business from a different perspective and probably trying to scrutinize your old patterns- through analysis, I see one of the biggest opportunities for our industry.

  3. What can a course practically do to influence businesses and their teams?
    This course examines real case studies of how the change of (legal) rules had an enormous influence (in a positive way) on the business. It will give you insights into how responsible gaming came to life and what are the major challenges.

  4. What will attendees take away from a course like this?
    Confidence, awareness, knowledge, opportunities and definitely a change in mind-set, because “If you change the way you look at things, things you look at change“ W. Dyer

The Responsible Gaming Academy will be previewed by Arno on 7th February at 12.30 at the TGA Theatre S9-260.

The course will run on 13th -14th March in London, and has already sparked interest from a range of established gaming businesses.

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