Casino zone project presented at Pacific economic forum

Vladivostok (Itar-Tass) – A project for creation of a casino zone in the Primorsky Territory was presented at the First Pacific Economic Congress on Saturday.

An area of 342 hectares near the Muravyinaya Bay on Cape Cherepakha will be provided to set up such a zone. It is almost 80 kilometres from Vladivostok. The bay is located very suitably near key transport junctions. An airport is 30 kilometres from it. There is an access from the sea. There will be also golf fields near the bay. All the facilities in the zone will be registered in the city of Artem, and it will bring revenues to the local budget.

The project must attract investments to the region, the territory’s Governor Sergei Darkin believes. According to specialists, the location close to Asian-Pacific region countries and the unique environment make the zone very attractive for investors, he noted, when speaking at the forum.

The congress opened in Vladivostok on Saturday. Participants in the forum were more than 350 officials, businessmen and economists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Far Eastern Russian regions, China, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other APEC countries. Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin made a report about Russian economy development.

The most important events of the congress were presentations of two projects for preparation for Russia’s APEC presidency in 2012 and creation of a game zone in the Primorsky Territory.