Successful in-house exhibition of MERKUR GAMING in Italy

Sunny prospects for MERKUR GAMING in Italy

Espelkamp/Lübbecke. Axel F. Pawlas, CSO MERKUR GAMING, reported that he was fully satisfied with the development of the in-house exhibitions that MERKUR GAMING had organized together with its partner International Games Trade (IGT), San Marino, in June. The in-house exhibitions that were held at the sub-distributors’ Emporio Games in Milan and Berica Giochi in Vicenza showed the entire attractive product range that MERKUR GAMING offers for the Italian market.

The successful reel machines ‘Lucky Cash’, ‘Sphinx Gold’, and ‘Dicemaster’ were presented, but also the innovations ‘Sphinx Diamante’ and ‘Lucky Cash Diamante’, both featuring cutting edge LED technology.

Alberto Stolfi, managing director of IGT, insisted in explaining the gaming systems as well as the technological advantages of the MERKUR GAMING-products personally at the events. The operators were especially taken with machines boasting the modern LED technology. The innovative multicolor technology attracts greater attention by the players thanks to its unique and manifold light effects. The new technology is also economically convincing since costs will be lower due to the reduced energy consumption, the long life of the diodes, and the reduced maintenance efforts associated with it.

The in-house exhibitions provided a platform for IGT as well as MERKUR GAMING to demonstrate the operators their local presence again, something that the customers welcomed. In addition the visitors were able to fully satisfy themselves of the powerful innovations and know-how of the Gauselmann Group. The extremely positive feedback confirmed the intention of IGT to organize further regional exhibitions in the future.

The MERKUR GAMING customers realized once again that now is the right time to invest in new Merkur machines. Since MERKUR GAMING is well prepared even for potential law amendments. In such case the appropriated conversion kits would be available immediately so that the operators have a 100 percent guarantee on their capital expenditure.

Under the umbrella of Merkur International MERKUR GAMING is responsible for the Europe-wide sales within the internationally active Gauselmann Group. In 2005, the total business volume of all Gauselmann Group companies amounted to EUR 1.004b, with fully consolidated revenues of EUR 688.2m. At the end of the fiscal year 2005 the company employed 5,638 people worldwide and has sold approximately 2 million gaming products around the globe since its establishment. More than 500 game developers everywhere in the world are working on game designs, mathematics, graphics, and quality management, thus underlining the competence and ability of the Gauselmann Group to innovation.