World Cup even before kick-off

Gauselmann Group showcases ‘Star Kick’ and extensive entertainment offer with an extensive program around the World Cup

Espelkamp. Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Hanover, Hamburg where starting from 9 June the top football players in the world will compete for the World Cup in Germany, are the cities where the kicker robot ‘Star Kick’ and the traditional Kicker invite to an early kick-off. In the year of the football world championship ‘Star Kick’ of adp Gauselmann GmbH, the world champion of the kicker fans, will be touring Germany. ‘Star Kick’ and Deutsche Bahn: Together with Deutsche Bahn, one of the national sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2006TM the Gauselmann Group will entertain travelers in the lounges of Deutsche Bahn in the venue cities of the World Cup during the run-up to the football event of the year. Another highlight in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn will take place on Whit Monday (4 June). During the ‘rail-day’ for the FIFA World Cup 2006TM a table soccer tournament with 32 teams from all of Germany will take place in the new Berlin main station based on the World Cup schedule. Legendary goalgetter Gerd Müller is the patron of the tournament.

Outfitters of the team headquarters of the German, the Spanish and the English national teams: However, not only passengers of the rail operator Deutsche Bahn can look forward to exciting matches against ‘Star Kick’, but also the German national team – since the Gauselmann Group is one of the outfitters of the German team headquarters in Berlin and will provide disport and diversion with an attractive entertainment park there. Together with the UK-partner Sega the Gauselmann Group is also one of the outfitters of the English national team headquarter. Supplier for the Volunteer Program in the Volunteer Centers: to offer attractive leisure time activities to the dedicated volunteers from everywhere in the world, the Gauselmann Group will supply the leisure time areas of each of the venues with a fun park – and of course, where everything centers around football, apart from other innovative sports games such as Kicker, Darts, and Merkur Trendy the ‘Star Kick’ mustn’t miss.

Looking for East Westphalian kicker champion: “Who will be the East Westphalian kicker champion?“, has been the question since 29 April. ‘ERWIN’ – the event magazine of the ‘Neue Westfälische’ daily paper – together with the Gauselmann Group will host the preliminaries of the East Westphalian Kicker Cup at five venues, before the championship finals in the VIP premises of Arminia Bielefeld on 17 May. World Cup tour on waterways: The World Cup tour continues from 18 May to 18 September. The kicker robot will be on board of the motor ship ‘Wissenschaft’, the floating science center of Bremen University. “Computer sciences and sports” is the title of an exhibition shown in 34 cities along German waterways.

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