Clarion break new ground with movie trailer invitation to blockbuster ICE

London (14 October) ­– ICE organisers have rolled out the red carpet with the production of a captivating movie trailer that invites delegates to register for the 2015 event taking place at ExCeL London (3rd –5th February). Created by specialist agency Cinebop, their signature dynamic invitation harnesses the power of digital animation using high definition video and immersive audio which serve to reinforce the power of the Jules Verne inspired ‚Discover‘ creative which is running throughout international gaming media in support of ICE 2015. The trailer can be viewed at

Jonathan Shine, owner of Cinebop explained: „The theme of the ICE 2015 campaign takes its inspiration from some of Jules Verne’s most recognised novels; Around the World in 80 Days, 20,000 leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and From the Earth to the Moon. We wanted to pay homage to Verne’s inspiring imagination by incorporating elements from each of these novels and creating a variety of worlds we can lead the viewer through, taking them on a visual journey that’s wondrous, captivating, playful and epic. This in itself reflects the nature of the ICE exhibition brand, where innovation, creativity and new technology merge under the umbrella of a single event, providing visitors with a chance to discover the unexpected.“

Kate Chambers, Portfolio Director responsible for ICE commented: „In creating an epic campaign with cinematic credentials, we wanted to do something more dynamic and transform the traditional invitation. The multimedia format of Cinebop’s invitations are not only more captivating but they are also on-message and have the capacity to reach a wider audience and generate greater levels of awareness throughout our international community of potential visitors. They represent an extremely powerful marketing tool and one which will enhance the volume of industry professionals registering for what is the world’s most popular gaming exhibition.“