Record prize money with the Omaha Poker Championship in Bregenz

That’s the way it was in the Casino Bregenz at the Lake of Constance from February 21st to 25th. The Casino Bregenz offered titbit to the friends of the Omaha Poker Game. Four days, approximately 25 hours were fought until the 30 coveted places for the finals were dealt. About 90 players, well known names within, meet the challenge.

The poker appropriate organization were in the hands of Edgar Stuchly and Joe Fuchshofer. Professional competence and personal engagement – being flexible and not only work to the rules decorates them. The guest is king – that’s Bregenz motto. The needs of the poker player always comes first. That’s why poker players don’t mid travelling for nearly hundred kilometres. Well-trained dealers, friendly attentive service add to the fine picture.

It was about Euro, about a lot of Euro. At the beginning of the super-final the responsible announced am new record: 142.500,- EUR. 30.000,- EUR were saved for the final players, who at least won 1.000,- EUR.
The special prize, a weekend trip for two to an European Capital – including flight, bed and breakfast – was sponsored by ISA-CASINOS and its partner Top Team Darwin Reinecke. A sponsor-highlight by the ISA-CASINOS, which is really unusual.
As a tradition, every player was invited for dinner to the festive laid casino-restaurant Falstaff by the head office. The fine meal and a little bit of wine helped to rise the moods of the players.

Sunday evening at eight the players started gambling for the big money. Again Edgar and Joe explained to all that they put a lot of value on discipline and observance of the rules, which proofed to be necessary. Competition languages were German and English, time penalties were threatened, player admonishes. One player had to be expelled from the running competition because of an inaccuracy. It was a pity that the time plan of the tournament was disrupted by single players, who held up the game. This caused unrest and annoyance and should not become a habit. Then: concentration at the three tables. Only the chips could be heard.

When the cast of the final table was fixed, it was already past midnight. Till then a lot of interesting games, bad beats and surprises were offered. Lothar Landauer went to this final game of the last ten as a chip leader. He had played steadily to gain this position. Yet one of the players had to leave the well guarded table without any prize money. Ivo Donev was the poor who could hardly understand his misfortune and left depressed. He was really surprised when he got the special prize – the weekend trip sponsored by the ISA-CASINOS. No solatium but a consolation – really a good idea of the responsible.
At the table the game became more tense against the blinds of the weaker players. They had to act at 2000/4000 and one after another Ti Tang, Andreas Krause und Reinhard Dersch ran out of chips.

Suspense, explosiveness, excitement and luck – features connected with poker – were lived at the final table. Highly strung the observers, some of them standing on stairs, followed the games, the duels.

Vlado Sevo offhanded put in everything, three players went along. It was checked up and „Zvoni“ only needed an pair of two to win the game!
Ya Ti Huang had a lot of staying power. More than one time he went all in, against Zvoni and Roland Specht. Huang put in everything had a poker eight and won a huge stake.
Sometimes it seemed the players sank behind their cards and than the immense tension exploded in a „pot“ or an „Raise-all-in“. At this point (5000 – 10000) there was no more call. The level was extremely high and the dealers did a brilliant job.
Zvoni and Roland cannoned into each other. Roland found the third ace on the board and Zvoni lost. Shortly afterwards Huang proved a fine feeling when he paid Gu Rong Quing’s all-in. Three queens were his luck. The door to the big money was pushed open for the last three gamblers. 74000 € had to be shared!

In the last and hardest stage of the game routine and strong nerves were needed. Lothar Landauer forced Roland Specht to an all-in, which was a preliminary decision. Roland still had chances after this flop but he did not get the right cards so that Lothar finally won with a pair of nine. For his third place, Roland got 18000,- EUR. But this game gave Lothar 100.000 chips to 60.000 and so the game stayed thrilling up to the final showdown. Lothar played maximum and everybody was curious about the answer of the Chinese. There was a murmur in the room when he put in everything.

Showdown – revealing the cards! After the flop, Yanti was strong with a pair of ten. A second nine was the turning point – two pair ten Lothar could only be saved by one overcard. The rivercard rescued him: ace of hearts! The serene German jumped off his chair. Aces and nines made him winner of the day, winner of 31.000,- EUR.
Yati Huang got 24.700,- EUR.

At 3:30 am the huge prize money was shared and the poker managers Edgar Suchly and Joe Fuchshofer stroke a first balance for the ISA-CASINOS. Four days and four nights full of concentrated games and a full cash-game-program with all limits lay behind them. Their conclusion was positive: everything came out perfectly!