The Quality Group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH is now a member of the World Lotto Association (WLA)

At the Executive Committee Meeting on June 17th, the World Lottery Association has accepted the motion placed by The Quality Group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH (TQG-LTS). The TQG-LTS is therefore now an active member of the World Lottery Association.

The Quality Group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH provider of the “TQG Lottery Suite“, is a modular, flexible and high-performance system, containing all functions, such as the transaction engine, game management and –library, user management with the focus on responsible gaming, point of sale and internet integration, business intelligence tools and the required communication tool.

TQG has shown to their internet-gaming users, that it is possible to implement all systems shortly as standard software. The customer benefits enormously from the open and forward- looking architectural approach, which lets us execute projects much faster and reduces the total costs of ownership significantly.

The World Lottery Association is a global organization, supporting government lotteries. The WLA principles are based on the highest standards of corporate responsibility – „WLA Responsible Gaming Principles“ and „WLA Responsible Gaming Framework“ – respecting all effective legal frameworks. The WLA makes a point of meeting the respective rules and obligations of different countries.

„We are proud and happy to meet the high standard that is required for the WLA membership. Continuous and high-quality investments into the lottery industry, experienced employees as well as satisfied customers have helped us reach this goal“, says Marcus Frey, CEO and founder of the TQG.
Karsten Hagemeister, responsible for business development at the TQG-LTS, agrees: „As a WLA member with a very technical focus, we are going to support the establishment of best practice standards and contribute to the technical exchange of experience and knowledge with lottery associations globally. We are looking forward to seeing you at the WLA summit, November 2014 in Rome, convincing with our products.“