The Quality Group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH (TQG-LTS) – A new technology provider for lottery systems

Germany/Hamburg, March 7th 2014 – From today onwards, The Quality Group (TQG) will be the provider for end-to-end Lottery Standard Software.
Beyond the existing online lottery Platform, TQG now internationally provides products, solutions and services for end-to-end lottery central systems.

„Since our foundation in 1985, TQG has been providing standard software for the retail, automotive and telecommunication industry as well as for the government sector“ said Marcus Frey, joint CEO and founder of TQG. „More than 25 years of continuously improving our products, has shown us, that it is far more efficient to use standard solutions where customers can individually choose options and functions to be parameterized in or out instead of meeting each customer’s needs with a new software, starting from scratch“ Martin Schlaghecke, CEO and joint founder added. „Our customers appreciate the high levels of quality, fast delivery and incredible reliability this approach brings.“

With TQG-Lottery Technology Systems (TQG-LTS), TQG has formed another innovative company. TQG-LTS develops a complete end-to-end Lottery Management System providing all functions and applications to run a forward-looking and reliable lottery.

„TQG-Lotterysuite“ is a highly modular, flexible and powerful system. It covers various functions, such as of point of sale software applications, combined with retailer management, game management, player services with the focus on responsible gaming, business intelligence tools, an online platform and – last but not least – the required communication infrastructure. An open interface concept allows connecting to all relevant partners as well as the integration of 3rd party applications and hardware. The system is designed to be fully hardware agnostic. TQG-LTS will support any terminal hardware, any central system hardware platform and any third party backoffice application.

TQG-LTS has engaged with Frank Cecchini as COO & Business Development International and Karsten Hagemeister as COO & Business Development DACH. Mr Cecchini spent almost 15 years working with GTECH S.p.A. in technical and business development roles. Mr Hagemeister worked with Wincor Nixdorf for 17 years followed by eight years of business development for GTECH. „Many years working with lotteries helped us understand the priorities of the industry: innovation, reliability, cost and time to market are the key factors. The new approach with TQG-LTS will reduce cost significantly while speeding up time to market“, Mr Hagemeister points out. „Our objectives are clear. We are a technology company, our business is to deliver upto date technology, utilising modern best practices to keep quality high while retaining a tight control on costs. We provide high quality product and services made in Germany without outsourcing or offshoring. Our technology teams remain experienced and up to date with an outstanding comprehension of our customers’ business needs“, continued Mr Cecchini. „We are here for the long term, our aim is to disrupt a market with low levels of competition, high costs and outdated practices – we will base our success on providing state of the art systems, investing in cost saving technology and performance enchaining innovation.“

Norbert Mallien, CTO of TQG-LTS states: „Our success is based on using the latest technology, investing in cost saving innovation and adopting best practices. The lottery world is changing. The lotteries themselves understand that they are presented with few options, most bearing high costs and long delivery times with sparse innovation; more competition can only benefit the industry by invigorating innovation and forcing a fresh new look at how things should be done.“

The Quality Group (TQG) is one of the foremost technology companies providing comprehensive solutions to instil quality, consistency and reliability for critical and complex corporate administrative processes. Since its foundation, TQG has been providing both product and know-how in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) with its LCM Software Suite. For more than a decade, the company has continuously been gaining experience in the lottery industry. With more than 100 employees, TQG has successfully delivered solutions across the globe to institutions as diverse as The adidas Group, Carl-Zeiss, Porsche and Lotto Brandenburg in Germany, Telefonica in Spain, Migrol and Sunrise in Switzerland to Stop&Shop in the United States. The complete list can be viewed online at:

TQG is privately held, with a corporate vision to grow in an organic and sustainable way. The company’s understanding is that success can only result from customer’s success. TQG delivers best in class solution using best of breed components.