Top-Tournament in Bregenz

The Casino Bregenz invited from the 06. – 08. december to the highlight of the year, the „Christmas tournament“. These traditional tournaments have always a large atrraction on the players. However both the tournament players and the friends of the cash games cover their expenses.

Responsible for both were the pokermanager Edgar Stuchly and Joe Fuchshofer with their well trained dealerteam. The two made their thing professionally and really good. The prelude tournament (Omaha Pot limit) with a prize money of ATS 286.000,- was located completely in the character of Willi Laczkowski. He dominated from the beginning, pulled his good hands through and if necessary he got the correct board in the crucial moment. In the long run it went only about the places two and three, to which he referred Cem Tasalan and Thomas Plömpel after hard resistance.

On Friday likewise almost 60 players fought for the victory with the Texas Holdem No-Limit. When Zvonimir Jozic left and the occupation of the final desk was certain, already 5 hours had passed. Vito Branciforte still continued to develop his good position now. He called almost each ALL IN also, and won then usually as an outsider against the favorites. Also Mickey Finn did not have a chance against this run. When Michael Reisner who played very effectively, eleminated successively Alfons Jäggi, Markus Brunner and Mrs. Meier, the field had reduced to four men.
Now came the hour of Hans Pfister, who stood up to Branciforte and supplied packing duels with him. He played his whole knowledge and routing. In the end he removed with a pocketpair of aces, which he played slowly, almost his entire jetons from him. This meant rank 4 for Vito. Hans got fast also the still remaining jetons from the desk and thus a prize money of ATS 86.000,-. Josef Joray (3.) and Michael Reisner (2.) were pleased about ATS 40.000,- and 63.000,-.

To a pokermarathon developed the Seven Card Stud (split Limit) tournament in the next evening. The last nine had already 7 hours hard poker behind themselves, when it went around prize moneys from almost a half million ATS. Naturally were now the stakes accordingly high and there were many interesting plays with large pots. The height of the blinds forced now nevertheless some to the unsuccessful ALL IN. Successively Josef Joray, Alfred Schradl, Antonio Turisi, Thomas Plömpel and Josef Meusburger left in such a way. Handy Pfister got it then as fourth against chipleader Peter Buck. When Fabrizio Leonardi had thereafter with 4 cards two pairs of ten, he answered a raise of Peter Buck with a reraise and bet everything. But the second pair, Peter got to his aces, meant the end for him.

Now Rainer Fritschi fought in an almost hopeless chip position against the leader. Two ALL IN-situations, in which he made Full House and Flush, improved however his position. This was the turning point, because the road he had after this, meant an deuce of the jetons. Exhausted but lucky they agreed fast on a division of prize money. The deal brought to each proud 120.000,- ATS. Triplets five with the showdown made then Rainer the winner. Best ALL around player became Hans Pfister. The 47 year old Swiss left again a very strong impression.

The Casino Bregenz was a pleasant host. The culinary supply was good. The players were invited with company by the management to the meal. Also otherwise there were some presents. Additionally eight Buy-Ins were drawn by lots. The limit structures of the tournaments were exemplary. The luck factor even with higher levels was relatively small thereby. Low limit, (300-600 ATS / 40/80 DM), which in the cash games were offered, were gladly played. It does not have to be always High limit and Pot! That gave then also opportunity for beginners to take a closer look.

Here nevertheless the handwriting of the two prudent managers Edgar Stuchly and Joe Fuchshofer is to be clearly detected. Acknowledgement also for this from the ISA-CASINOS. Thus Poker makes fun!!!! The players were full the praise, that was organized very good for a Advent season poker event.