‚Hugely successful‘ Macao Gaming Show looks to the future with ambition and confidence as figures show sustained growth

The Macao Gaming Show, which attracted an international audience of C-Level gaming professionals to the Venetian Macao on 17-19 November, has been declared a major success with all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) utilised by the organisers showing a positive year-on-year trend. Releasing the headline figures, this year’s attendance numbers rose to 13,186 from 11,987 in 2014, an increase of 10 percent; the number of exhibiting companies rose to 168 from 146 (+15 percent); and the number of exhibiting countries represented at MGS increased from 20 to 22.

Away from the exhibition floor, MGS 2015 also proved a significant year in terms of the growing organisational support garnered by the exhibition. Attending the opening ceremony were show sponsors and key government departments – Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), Macao Foundation, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) – whose support helped establish MGS‘s status as one of Macau’s top three independent exhibitions.

Macao Gaming Show 2015
Macao Gaming Show 2015
In addition, the show’s status was also reinforced by the crucial backing of the Asian industry, notably the MGEMA members – now exceeding more than 100 of Macau’s leading manufacturing, gaming and entertainment companies – and co-organisers including General Association of Administrators and Promoters for Macau Gaming Industry, Associao de Mediadores de Jogos e Entretenimento de Macau, Macau Jockey Club, Macau Slot and representatives from all six gaming concessionaires of Macao.

MGEMA Chairman Jay Chun believes that the success of MGS has sent out a clear message to the international gaming community. He stated: „Gaming professionals from throughout the world as well as from the domestic industry here in Macau have taken the opportunity to support our show, to network with industry colleagues, and to listen to the key note speakers we assembled debate major topics impacting gaming in Asia and across the globe. The show floor was truly diverse this year going beyond just gaming and broadening its horizons into entertainment and the key areas that support a broad based tourism and culture economy.

„Our international guests have witnessed the tremendously exciting projects that are taking place here and were also able to discuss with our growing visitor base opportunities in the emerging markets around the Asia Pacific region. They saw at first hand the economic development of our city and, through the OBOR presentation at the summit, gain a valuable insight into the aspirations of the PRC to develop infrastructure throughout the region.

„But this is only the start of the MGS journey. We have established our presence on the international exhibition calendar and are setting clear definitions of what and where the show is and needs to be. MGS is determined to be more than just a trade show. It’s about what makes our entire business operate – from every level. It needs to embrace all the elements of the ‚entertainment‘ experience – and that means the manufacturing, the design, the technological innovation, the luxury, the creativity – everything that draws customers into our businesses and makes them want to come back again and again. MGS is a business show and over the coming years the exhibition is determined to bring these progressive forces together and push the boundaries of our industry forward. We’re an Asian show on the world stage: that’s a gateway we’re very conscious of opening up.“

The 4th edition of the Macao Gaming Show (2016) will be held at the Venetian on November 15-17 November 2016.

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